Monday, October 24, 2011

Because I'm Not a Sicilian...

Murphy's Cabin is just a bountiful source of excitement, new catch phrases, and um.... education. Yeah. Right. Because there must be lessons in there somewhere, especially after the last weekend.

So...The Lessons Learned (in all caps, because these are important people!) from this past weekend, in no particular order:

Amazing people sometimes do get the recognition they deserve, and its all important corollary: Sometimes people who get recognition are actually amazing. See: Max Dercum.

Our mothers were right about the whole wearing clean underwear because you never know when you might get hit by a car thing. I, of course, never got it, figuring your underwear would not exactly be clean after you got hit by a car, now would it, so who would know if it were clean or not before? But that was until I saw how handsome the local fire rescue guys were.

It is always smart to put the bottle of bourbon away as soon as you finish your last drink. Because you never know when you might have a carbon monoxide alarm go off.

On a related note: "I would rather have a bottle in front of me than an frontal lobotomy." God love Dorothy Parker. She is genius. Pure genius.

That I do take "real" emergencies seriously, and thus missed out on getting a photo of said firemen (purely for professional purposes of course -- for you, my audience, not for me). Unlike when I had the coyote stalking me.... But that wasn't an emergency, that was just wildlife. And that is something entirely different.

Both dogs and people may pee when they're scared. Fortunately, I was not scared. I do, though, it appears, "well up". And yes, that is a scientific term, and no, I do not mean in regards to my bladder, but my eyes.

There is such a thing as a "vomit watch", and I have now been on one.... one more thing crossed off my bucket list!

Keeping your windows cracked at night so that you can sleep in cold air with the sounds of the river in the background is an entirely different thing than having them completely open, just in case....

Finally, I know just enough to be dangerous, and when death is on the line, that is actually dangerous. That said, even though I am not a Sicilian, I actually was right. It was the detector that was faulty. So there.

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